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The 12 Beers of Christmas

  1. “Lump of Coal” Imperial Stout | 8%
    A classic Imperial stout with big roasty, chocolate notes, balanced by spicy hops.
  2. Feral & Forged: “Blackbird” Fruited Barrel Aged Wild Ale | 6%
    This barrel aged sour ale was conditioned on a healthy amount of Merlot grapes grown locally on the Boyd estate. This delicate beer is tart, vinous, complex, and delicious.
  3. “Steezy” Hazy DIPA | 7.8%
    Loaded with bold, fruity hops and Phantasm powder, and fermented with a Thiol-boosting yeast, this Double Hazy IPA takes the energy of looking good up on the slopes and brings it into your glass.
  4. Firkin: “Black Forest” Chocolate Cherry Imperial Stout | 8%
    A Christmas-themed Firkin Friday brings holiday dessert vibes with an Imperial Stout conditioned on sweet dark cherries, cacao nibs, and vanilla.
  5. “Five Golden Rings” Peach Ring Sour | 5.2%
    A GBW Christmas Classic returns – this fruited sour was conditioned on loads of peaches, vanilla, and of course… a ton of peach ring gummy candies.
  6. “Soumrak” Czech Dark Lager | 4.8%
    Brewed with traditional Eastern European ingredients, including Czech grown hops, this dark lager boasts malty flavors of toast and dark fruit along with a light touch of chocolate. For all its big flavors, it is exceptionally drinkable, making it the perfect session beer for the winter weather.
  7. “Fruitcake” Spiced Fig Belgian Quad | 8.1%
    · A rich, complex dark Belgian ale conditioned on loads of Black Mission and Brown Turkey figs along with a blend of holiday spices.
  8. “O Tannenbaum!” Spruce Tip Pale Ale | 5.6%
    Another GBW Christmas Classic returns. This tasty classic pale ale was brewed with locally foraged Spruce Tips, adding notes of citrus, pine, and vanilla to its Northwest hop profile.
  9. “Stocking Warmer” Holiday Red Ale | 7.1%
    This malty red ale was brewed with Cascade hops and sweet orange peel, giving it’s refreshing hoppy finish a citrusy holiday boost.
  10. Firkin: “Speculoos” Spiced Cookie Belgian Ale | 8.1%
    A Christmas-themed Firkin Friday brings holiday dessert flavors to the cask once again with a fruity, malty dark Belgian ale conditioned on loads of Speculoos cookies and cinnamon sticks.
  11. “Natale” Tiramisu Imperial Stout | 8.5%
    Inspired by the classic Italian dessert, this Imperial Stout was conditioned on rum-soaked Lady Fingers, Vanilla, Milk-Sugar, and blended with espresso coffee.
  12. “Toffee Pudding” Barrel Aged Dessert Stout | 10%
    We’re closing out our 12 Beers of Christmas with a beer inspired by a classic Holiday Desserts: Toffee Pudding. We took our Wendigo whiskey barrel aged Imperial Stout and conditioned it on loads of dates, raisins, vanilla, and toffee in order to offer a decadent Christmas treat in your glass.